Sonntag, 20. September 2009

first weeks of work and life in Sao Paulo

After some time of absence due to my first busy work weeks and a lack of motivation and time I am back with news from Sao Paulo.
One month ago I started my internship at the Chamber of Commerce of Germany and Brazil in Sao Paulo. I am learning a lot and it is really interessting how the bilateral realtion between Germany and Brazil works. By the way Sao Paulo is the biggest German industrial location which means the place with most German companies in the world. For this reason the Chamber of Commerce I am working for is the largest in the world with in total more than 150 employees. Another very interessting aspect of my work is the intercultural communication and colaboration between Brazilians and Germans in the chamber. It is really enriching and enlargens your horizon on the one hand but on the other hand it is really difficult sometimes. In some aspects these two cultures represent the total opposite. Especially in terms of time and project management and planing the representatives of the two cultures have totally different attitudes. The Brazilian culture is charactarized by impovisation whereas Germans want to plan everything in advance and have a written project plan. For Brazilians personal relations are very important which leads to a very different kind of reunions as the Germans are used to. Brazilians like to start with talking about football, family and the weather first whereas Germans want to come straight to the point and make business as fast as possible. As you can imagine these facts can lead to some difficulties in colaboration between the two etnities.
So besides improving my intercultural communication skills and enlarging my network of business collegues in Brazil and Germany I am learning a lot by drafting market researches, organizing delegations for companies i Brazil or Germany and find business partners for both side among other interessting tasks.
Another really interessating experience which again proves that many prejudices are wrong is that Brazilians, at least Paulistanos (inhabitants of Sao Paulo) really work a lot. I as an Intern am working from 8am to 17.30pm and sometimes I stay even longer. And believe me there are many collegues who work even more than that and stay until very late in the office. And unlike in Austria for example noone leaves the office at 1pm on fridays. So there are a lot of Brazilians that work really hard and a lot more than many Austrians.
By the way the place where I stay with its for Sao Paulo cheap price and ideal location has really proven to be a lucky punch. There are some collegues of mine who either have not even found a prover place to stay or pay a lot more and need to take a bus or metro for an hour to come to work. Thanks to Orkut and all the guys I am sharing the apartment with. This really saves me a lot of money and time I can use for other things.
What else have I done during the last weeks except for working and getting crazy about Sao Paulo traffic.
Well, I have travelled to Ilha Grande, an island which belongs to the state of Rio de Janeiro. There are not streets, no cars, no banks, only beaches, nature and some bars and tourists. It is an absolute paradise and I recommend it to everyone to do a trip to this fantastic island.
These trips are a welcome change to my day to day life in Sao Paulo which during the week mostly consists of working, eating, gym and sleeping. On Tuesdays I usually go to the weekly Couchsurfing meeting in Sao Paulo which is a great opportunity to get to know people here and plan trips and weekend activities.

Sonntag, 16. August 2009

new impressions and experiences

One week ago Marcelo, Aninha and I made a trip to Campos do Jordao which is considered to be the favourite winter holiday destination of the rich and famous in Brazil. It is located in 1628m of altidude in the mountains of the state Sao Paulo. The architecture of the city is similar to the one in a typical village in the swiss alps. There is an old bonde (tramway) which connects the two parts of the city Cristovao and Capivari. A very fascinating experience was the teleferico (chairlift) which carries you up the Morro de Elefante (Elephant mountain). It is like a chairlift which the Austrians of you know from skiiing, only that there is no snow;) (see foto) Campos do Jordao is said to be the coldest city in the state of Sao Paulo. But when Brazilians feel cold we Austrians still wear t-shirts and are sweating;)
Summarizing the trip was really great and we had a lot of fun and enjoyed great food and the famous BadenBaden Beer in a quite familiar atmosphere.

Of course I already enjoyed the sun and a marvelous beach in Caraguatatuba (Massaguacu Beach) I am just posting this pic to make you a little bit jealous ;)

On the 13th of August we celebrated my birthday in Sao Paulo in an Irish Pub which is called O'Malleys near metro station Consolacao. I can only recommend this place. It has fantastic imported beer, there is always a live band playing and a really nice and friendly attending. I celebrated with 2 friends of my apartment and FRIX a crazy Philippinan guy I met here in Sao Paulo at the first CS meeting.

By the way the CS meeting last week was absolutely awesome. There were more than 150 people (the majority Brazilians but also some gringos got lost in Sao Paulo and found there way to the meeting) I got to know some very interesting people and had some very nice conversations. It is really amazing how easy it is to make friends in Brazil. I tend to call this the Brazilian phenomenon. Not even one week in Sao Paulo has passed and the number of people I know here has almost trippeled. I had so many offers for partys and things to do on the weekend not even 5 people would have managed to fit all of this in their schedule. So it happens that the next 4 weekends to come are already planed out with trips and festas.

Before I forget my second mission to find a gym is already completed as well. I found one that meets my requirements and is 12min on foot from my apartment. So another thing less to worry about;)

Another interesting experience this week was to get to know Brazilian bureaucracy. In my opinion it should be spelled bureauCRAZY. I had to register my visum here in Brazil which turned out to be more complicated than just hand in a formular (like the nice lady in the Brazilian embassy in viena told me) I had to go to three different places to acquire some documents and pay an additional fee to the one I already paid in Austria. But nevertheless I have been successful and can now stay legally in Brazil for the rest of the time. The positive side of this experience is that I got to know the city better because I had to visit a lot of places which were quite far from each other and I got to know new people who shared the same faith with me. Like a polish girl, two germans, a Japanese and a Mexican guy. It was interesting to talk to them what they have experienced until now and the ones of us who live directly in Sao Paulo planed to meet each other for one or another beer. You can never know enough people in a big city like Sao Paulo ;) and you can never know enough people with which you can go out for a beer ;)

So tomorrow will be my first day of work! I am already quite curious how it is going to be. About I am not very curious is how it is going to be to go to work by crowded bus in a suit at about 27-30°C outside temperature. (and yes it is still winter here and the whole week in the morning it reached this temperature) So I think I am going to sweat a lot the next months;) What a lucky coincidence that I learned how to wash clothes the Brazilian way today ;)
Next time on my blog: Philipp's first week at the chamber of commerce in Sao Paulo! Check it out!

Dienstag, 11. August 2009

mission CS successful

After some trips in the inland and to the beaches of Sao Paulo and some couchsurfing in Sao Paulo city I can report my first mission as successfully completed. I have found a place in an apartment 20 min by bus from my work.(which for Sao Paulo is to be considered as really close) I am sharing it with 4 other brazilian students. This is a quite new and interessting experience for me. Like all Brazilians they are really friendly and welcoming. On my first evening we already went out together to have dinner and some beers. My room, as you can see on the foto is small but comfortable and for the little price I pay really more than I can expect. The district the apartment is situated in is considered as the second best and safest in Sao Paulo which is also a great advantage.(picture above: few from my new apartment) Everything you need from supermarkets, pharmacies, bars and discos is near by.
My second mission to find a gym near work and apartment is not completed yet but I have already made some helpful contacts in regard to this issue.
Tonight I am going to the CS meeting of Sao Paulo which is considered to be one of the biggest in the world. Let's see how this is going to be.
For more infos on this, my trips and yeah I nearly forgot next week will be my first day of work, see the following posts! I will keep you updated!

Sonntag, 2. August 2009

first impressions and experiences in Sao Paulo

So after having fought the swine flu and my first live experiences of the Brazilian healthcare system and medicines on my own body it was time for my first couchsurfing experience in Sao Paulo. I slept on the couch of Juliano, a young recently graduated Brazilian dentist. He lives next to Avenida Paulista, the principal avenue in the center of Sao Paulo. His apartment is in a luxurious building in the 35th floor. There is a gym, an outside and a heated inside pool, whirlpools, sauna and everything you may desire in the building. This can be quite welcome in Brazilian winter nights which as you can see in the picture above can be quite cold with 13 degrees celsius. (okay for an austrian who is sometimes happy when it has 13 degress in summer that's a joke but nevertheless i liked it)
Well this is one reality of Brazil and I am keane on getting to know the other side of it. I like couchsurfing more and more and it will still be very helpful on my journey through real Brazilian life.
Juliano was a really kind and friendly host like I am used to know it from Brazilians. He showed me around in the center, gave me some really helpful tips and even went with me the next day to show me my way to work and how to take the bus to go there.

The skyline of Sao Paulo is really impressing by night and by day. It is similar to the one in New York. This might be the reason why the call Sao Paulo the New York of Latin America. Although you can see by day that the buildings are older and not so well preserved like in the US-American metropole it does not lose in on it. Nevertheless I am starting to like Sao Paulo. I still have to localize me and find my way to this huge city. Unfortunately the public transport system is really far away from European standards and it can take you quite a while to go from A to B by bus or metro. So I will have to look for couchsurfing hosts who live in neighbourhood districts of my work in order to not having to travel one hour or even more in the morning. My first work day will be the 17th of August which leaves me still some time to get to know this conglomerate of millions of buildings, people and cars.
Yesterday I was invited to the house of my friend to eat the famous Brazilian dish feijoada (for more information see the brazilian food section of my blog) I really enjoyed it but also came to the conclusion that I will have to find a gym soon in order to fight the calories of the huge amounts of delicious Brazilian food I am enjoying every day.
So my next two missions are:
1) find a new CS home proximate to work (if possible with the option to stay longer)
2) find a gym with a reasonable price and also proximate to work
See my next entry for a report on my mission progress!

Freitag, 31. Juli 2009

interesting start in a new adventure

Due to several complaints from now on this blog is going to be led in English in order that everyone of my friends can understand it.
Unfortunately I did not have the most pleasant start into what is meant to be my great next adventure in Brazil. It all started on the journey already. My austrian friends will know what I mean when I say that I had the "pleasure" to go from Viena to Munich by the ÖBB (the austrian train company) For those who have not travelled with ÖBB yet I tell you that it is not uncommon that you stop in the middle of nowhere for more than an hour and after 20 minutes an impolite voice announces through the loudspeaker that "due to technical problems we will have a stop of approx. 50 minutes". And you think that Brazil is an underdevelopped country and has infrastructural problems hahahha
Well it was quite boring to wait but at least I had planed to arrive at munich quite early in order to have enough time to see a little bit of the city and to find my way without hurry to the airport. So there was no major problem to catch my flight but the ÖBB stole me one hour of my munich sightseeing which I was upset about. Which improved my mood was that I got to know Brazilians on the train and at the munich station who were doing a mochilao (rucksack tour) across Europe. This told me that I was on the right way and it was the perfect accomodation for my journey to Brazil.
After 3 hours of walking around in 35°C hot Munich I decided to find my way to the airport. I was quite early for my flight but nevertheless I had to queue up for an hour and a half at the Lufthansa check-in where again I got to know Brazilians. I was already wondering if it was me who was attracting them or if they really can be found in every corner of the world. Just to mention on my last journeys I discovered that New York and London must be full of Brazilians and out of my experience I know that Vienna is a Brazilian colony with more than 1200 of them.
But that was absolutely okay with me because I definitely love this people and it is always nice to hangout and chat with them.
The greater was my disappoinment when I realized that on the plan I was sitting next to a Japanese guy who could not speak anything but Japanese and a Norwegian guy who prefered to read and sleep than talk to me and by the way was coughing all the time and had a rather greenish colour on his face. When the little boy in front of my started crying I knew that I would not only be a rather uncommunicative but also a quite exhausting and bothersome 12hours flight. To make the journey even more unpleasant the pilot seamed to manage to fly through every turbulance on the way and turned on the air condition to absolutely freezing. You can imagine that sleeping was quite impossible for me and I already felt a rather unpleasant iching in my throat which by that time worried me less than all the people around me coughing and sneezing. one hour before landing the stewardesses handed out the immigration papers and additionally a paper of the brazilian health ministry asking question about your experiences and encounters with the H1N1 Swine flu virus. What I have not mentioned yet was that the food that was served on board was absolutely disgusting. Those of you who know me better know that usually I eat everything and even loads of it. But I could not get this Lufthansa meal down my throat. So you can imagine my state arriving at the Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport: hungry, on the feet for more than 30 hours and in some kind of panic of getting sick. This feeling got even worse when I realised that everyone working at the airport was wearing masks and gloves. That was the point where I started to ask myself if I should really get worried.
But when I had collected my baggage and found the exit where I met Marcelo my best friend who was giving me a lift to his house at the beach I felt kind of better and was glad to have finally arrived in Brazil to start my new adventure.
So we had a 2 hours drive ahead of us to Marcelos house at the beach which we used to catch up with all the news. When I was served my first traditional Brazilian meal and drank my first fruit juice I was really feeling at home again.
But in the late evening the strange feeling in my throat developed into a ache and there was an additional head ache coming up. When I said that I would rather go to bed than to go and have some drinks my friends already suspected something. And they should be right in the middle of the night I woke up sweating all over and with really terrible acheing throat and head. Next day I did not even have to tell them that I did not feel very well they obviously could tell on first sight. When everyone around me paniced in fear of the swine flu and started telling stories of people in the city who supposedly also had contracted the virus even I started to think about it and to worry. So I stayed in bed sweating and taking medicines I bought in one of the very reliable looking pharmacies of the town. And you know when you feel bad you start to exaggerate and have thoughts you would normaly not have. On the second day my fieber did not go down and some people already started to avoid me. So i decided to see a doctor. This was not quite easy because in a small Brazilian city like Caraguatatuba (yes that is the name and not a typing error) it is rather uncommon that a stranger comes by and wants to be attended by the healthcare system. After I had explained them how it works when a foreigner is attended by the SUS (Brazilian public health system) I could see a doctor.
He examined me and then gave me the relieving news that it was not the swine flu!!
After that of course everyone started to joke about it and said that they knew it right from the start and so on...I was just relieved, took the prescribed medicine and let them talk.
At least now my adventure really could begin! And after my first night of party Marcelo and I went to Sao Paulo to look for a place to stay there for me. I can already say so much: was of great help!!!;)

Montag, 22. Juni 2009

Musica Brasileira

Ein wichtiger Teil der brasilianischen Kultur ist die Musik. Die ist genauso vielfälltig wie die Bevölkerung und die Natur Brasiliens. Samba, Pagode, Axe, Musica Popular, Bossa Nova, Sertanejo und Funk, um nur einige Stile zu nennen. Aber auch uns bekannte Richtungen wie Rock, HipHop und Rap sind in der brasilianischen Musik vertreten.

Die Brasilianer haben ein Sprichwort, das den Stellenwert der Musik sehr treffend beschreibt: "Musica e o remedio da alma" (Musik ist das Heilmittel der Seele). Das trifft auch die Bedeutung von Musik in meinem Leben sehr gut. Die brasilianische Musik eignet sich sehr gut um aus einem Stimmungstief wieder herauszufinden. Sie übermittelt sehr eindrucksvoll die Lebensfreude und -einstellung der Brasilianer. Ich verbinde schon sehr viele emotionale und schöne Momenten mit dem einen oder anderen Lied. Im folgenden werde ich euch ein paar Beispiele dafür geben.

Auch in der Musik kann man die Einflüsse der verschiedenen Kulturursprünge, die die brasilianische Kultur prägen, spüren.
Ich will euch nur einige wenige Artists vorstellen, die mir besonders am Herzen liegen. Es gibt eine immens große Bandbreite an heimischer Musik, die auch in Clubs, Discos und Bars gespielt wird. Aber auch die internationale, uns bekannte, Musik fehlt in Brasilien nicht.

Zunächste möchte ich euch die Königin des brasilianischen Axe vorstellen und nebenbei eine der schönsten Frauen der Welt. (Die ich schon live bei einem Konzert aus aller nächster Nähe gesehen habe ;) Ihr Name Ivete Sangalo. Hier findet ihr eine kleine Kostprobe - Ivete Sangalo mit "Festa" . Festa bedeutet Fest und da muss ich wohl nicht mehr viel dazu erklären, dass Brasilianer gerne Feste feiern wisst ihr ja.

Einer meiner Favoriten ist die Band O Rappa, die eine Mischung aus Reggae, HipHop und Rock produzieren und die Themen Armut, Kriminalität und Favela in ihren Liedern besingen.
Die Band besteht aus Xandao Meneses (Guitarist), Marcelo Falcao (Sänger), Lauro Farias (Bassist) und Marcelo Lobato (Drumer)
Das Lied heisst "Montro Invisivel" (Unsichtbares Monster) und ist aus dem gleichnamigen neuen Album von O Rappa.

Ein weiterer Vertreter des HipHop und meiner Meinung einer der Besten, den es in Brasilien gibt, ist Marcelo D2. Er ist Carioca (so werden die Einwohner von Rio de Janeiro genannt) und war früher Rapper bei der brasilianischen Band Planet Hemp, die übringes auch noch immer existiert und ich allen HipHop/Rap Fans wärmstens empfehlen kann. Danach hat er eine sehr erfolgreiche Solokarriere gestartet und mit seinen letzten Alben "Meu samba e assim" und "Arte do barulho" tolle Musik produziert, wobei er unter anderem mit William (Black Eyed Peas), Jurassic 5, dem Producer der Beastie Boys und Luca (seinem Sohn - zB im Lied "Loadeando") zusammengewirkt hat. Das wird die Kathi besonders freuen, dann muss sie nach dem Link von folgendem Lied nicht immer so lange suchen ;)

Eine ganz besondere Stilrichtung ist Funk Brasileiro, der aus Rio kommt und teilweise sehr obszöne Texte hat und oft für uns sehr ungewöhnliche Melodie Mixes beinhaltet. Hier ein harmloses aber sehr gutes Beispiel aus dem Film Tropa de Elite (den ich übrigens auch nur empfehlen kann - er zeigt wie die brasilianische Elite Polizeieinheit BOPE in Rio in den Favelas arbeitet) Wer mal in Rio ist und starke Nerven hat aber eine ganz besondere Party erleben will, dem empfehle ich einen Baile de Funk in einer Favela zu besuchen (allerdings braucht man da Einheimische an seiner Seite) Aber glaubt mir ihr werdet es nicht bereuen ;)

Die Kostprobe stammt von MC Cidinho & Doca und heisst "Rap da Felicidade" (Rap der Fröhlichkeit)>

Als nächstes noch einen ganz besonderen Interpreten, nämlich Jorge Ben. Jorge Ben ist auch Carioca und einer der bekanntesten Vertreter der Musica Popular Brasileira. Unter folgendem Link findet ihr das Lied "Mas que nada" , das ihr bestimmt alle kennt oder zumindest die Coverversion von den Black Eyed Peas oder sonst jemanden. Es wird oft einem anderen brasilianischen Musiker zugeschrieben, nämlich Sergio Mendes. Jedoch in Wahrheit hat es Jorge Ben komponiert.

brasilianische Kulinarik

Sehr interessante Einblicke auf Land und Leute gewährt im Ausland immer ein Besuch im Supermarkt. Diese sind in Brasilien meist doppelt bis dreifach so groß wie der durchschnittliche Supermakt in Österreich. Aber auch das Angebot an Lebensmitteln übersteigt unsere Vorstellungen. Als ich das erste mal in einem brasilianischen Supermarkt war, habe ich meinen Augen nicht getraut wie viele verschiedene Früchte es dort gibt und vor allem wie wenige ich davon gekannt habe. Maracuja, die ich zwar vom Latella gekannt habe aber nicht gewusst aheb wie die Frucht wirlich aussieht, Acerola, Acai und Goiaba (s. Foto unten von links nach rechts) waren nur einige der köstlichen Früchte, die ich kennengelernt habe.

Das brasilianische Nationalgericht ist Feijoada, ein Eintopf mit schwarzen Bohnen, Trockenfleisch, Räucherwürsten und beim feijoada completa (der original Version) kommen auch noch so leckere Sachen wie Zunge, Schweineohren und -füße dazu. Da rinnt einem gleich das Wasser im Mund zusammen oder?!! ;) Das kommt übrigens daher, dass das früher das Essen der Sklaven war und diese das aus den Überresten des Essens ihrer Herren zubereitet haben, was nun mal Schweineohren, -füsse und billige Wurstüberreste neben den für sie leistbaren schwarzen Bohnen waren. Also wenn man nicht daran denkt was wirklich drinnen ist, ist es wirklich ein ausgezeichnetes gutes Essen. Dazu isst man Reis und sowie Farofa (gemahlenes Maniokmehl - Maniok ist eine gegenüber Hitze und Trockenheit sehr widerstandsfähige Wurzel) sowie Orangenscheiben und als Würze molho de pimenta (eine pikante Pfeffersauce).

Die Grundnahrungsmittel sind arroz e feijao (Reis und Bohnen) die eigentlich so ziemlich zu jeder Mahlzeit mit Fisch, Fleisch oder sonstigem eingenommen werden. Bei der armen Bevölkerung ist oft Reis und Bohnen das einzige was sie sich leisten können.
Jede Gegend in Brasilian hat natürlich durch die verschiedenen kulturellen Einflüsse aus der Koloniezeit seine eigenen Spezialitäten herausgebracht. So dominiert im Raum Sao Paulo die italienische Küche. Pizza, massa (Nudeln) in allen Variationen, picata milanese etc sind hier keine Seltenheit. Eine Besonderheit die ich bis jetzt nur in Brasilien gesehen habe ist das Rodizio de Pizza. Hier entscheidet man sich nicht für eine bestimmte Pizza wie bei uns sondern zahlt einen Pauschalbeitrag und bekommt von einem Kellner Stücke von vielen verschiedenen Pizzen serviert. Das Angebot reicht von uns bekannten Sorten bis zu süßen (mit Banane und Zimt oder Schokolade) oder Pizzen mit Fleisch oder Fischbelag.
Alle verschiedenen Spezialitäten der Regionen aufzuzählen würde wahrscheinlich den Umfang dieses Blogs sprengen. Geschweige denn dass ich sicher nicht alle Spezialitäten kenne.
Ich möchte mich noch auf ein paar Speisen beschränken, die man überall in Brasilien antreffen kann und mir besonders geschmeckt haben.
Auf keinen Fall außer Acht lassen darf man das traditionelle Churrasco, was einem Barbecue auf brasilianischer Art und Weise entspricht. Hier wird das Fleisch nicht wie bei uns in Stücken sondern als Ganzes auf den Grill gelegt und immer wieder gedreht (vergleichbar mit einem Dönerspies) Es wird speziell gewürzt und dann direkt vom Spies heruntergeschnitten und mit pao (Brot) oder mit arroz und feijao (welch Überraschung!;) und Salaten gegessen. Ich kann nur sagen, Ich liebe Churrasco und habe schon echt saudades (Sehnsucht) danach! Dazu trinkt man Unmengen von Bier (was nicht so schwer ist, da das brasilianische Bier recht leicht ist) und später dann natürlich Caipirinha. (der übrigens in Brasilien ganz anders und viel besser als bei uns in irgendeiner Bar schmeckt) Ein Churrasco wird oft privat mit Familie und Freunden zu Hause durchgeführt aber es gibt auch Churrascarias (Restaurants) wo es angeboten wird. Dort gibt es ein Beilagenbuffet und der Kellner bringt das Fleisch am Spies zum Tisch wo es vor deinen Augen heruntergeschnitten wird.
Das Essen für zwischen durch oder perfekt nach einer Durchzechten Nacht ist Pastel! Das ist eine Teighülle mit verschiedenen Füllungen zB queijo (Käse) presunto (Schinken) camarao (Schrimps) carne (Fleisch) etc , die dann fritiert wird. Nach einem Rausch das beste Essen (besser als Kebab, Dürrum und Konsorten ;)
Weiters beliebte Snacks sind coxinha, kibi (hat nichts mit der Frucht, die wir kennen zu tun) und esfirra (kommt aus dem arabischen Raum). Auch lanches (Burger - siehe Foto unten) und cachorro quente (hot dog) werden an vielen Ecken zu einem Spotpreis angeboten. Eine marmita (ein Alubehälter in dem man sich einfüllen kann was man will) wie unten abgebildet mit dem man zu mittag mehr als genug hat kostet umgerechnet zwischen 2 und 4 Euro.

Dazu trinkt man gerne sucos (Fruchtsäfte - die besten der Welt, von denen könnte ich mich ausschließlich ernähren) oder Coca Cola und Guarana (ist überigens auch gut mit Wodka oder Whiskey ;)
Wichtig zu erwähnen sind auch die brasilianischen Süßspeisen, die wirklich sehr süß und kalorienreich sind aber auch sehr sehr gut schmecken. Hier besonders zu beachten sind die Geburtstagstorten (Ich habe damals selbst 2 bekommen und freu mich schon auf meine heurige ;) sowie brigadeiros (sind kleine Schokoladekugeln - siehe Foto), bolachas (Kekse), goiabada com queijo (Goiabamark mit viel Zucker und Käse), Churros, doce de leite (Caramel) etc etc mich wunderts nur immer warum die brasilianischen Frauen nicht korpolenter sind...

Das war ein kurzer kulinarischer Ausflug nach Brasilien. Ich hoffe ich euch rinnt jetzt so richtig das Wasser im Mund zusammen. Ich kann euch nur sagen allein wegen dem Essen zahlt es sich aus nach Brasilien zu fliegen.