Dienstag, 11. August 2009

mission CS successful

After some trips in the inland and to the beaches of Sao Paulo and some couchsurfing in Sao Paulo city I can report my first mission as successfully completed. I have found a place in an apartment 20 min by bus from my work.(which for Sao Paulo is to be considered as really close) I am sharing it with 4 other brazilian students. This is a quite new and interessting experience for me. Like all Brazilians they are really friendly and welcoming. On my first evening we already went out together to have dinner and some beers. My room, as you can see on the foto is small but comfortable and for the little price I pay really more than I can expect. The district the apartment is situated in is considered as the second best and safest in Sao Paulo which is also a great advantage.(picture above: few from my new apartment) Everything you need from supermarkets, pharmacies, bars and discos is near by.
My second mission to find a gym near work and apartment is not completed yet but I have already made some helpful contacts in regard to this issue.
Tonight I am going to the CS meeting of Sao Paulo which is considered to be one of the biggest in the world. Let's see how this is going to be.
For more infos on this, my trips and yeah I nearly forgot next week will be my first day of work, see the following posts! I will keep you updated!

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